The Runaway Friend: A Kirsten Mystery


As all of you probably know three new American girl mysteries came out in March. I have read The Runaway Friend, and want to give my opinions on it.

The plot of the book is as follows,

Kirsten Larson has just moved to Minnesota and is making friends. Her family is just getting settled. It is right before the harvest and Kirsten’s father and uncle have hired Erik Sandahl to help bring the wheat in. Suddenly Erik dissapears… This is not good for two reasons. One Erik owes Uncle Olav (Kirsten’s uncle) money, and two he has to help with the harvest before it rains and all the wheat is ruined.

In my opinion this book had a great plot and is fun to read. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mysteries or is fond of Kirsten.

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Mia and Bravo, Mia!

I recently finished reading the Mia books. I know it is a little late but here is my review.

Mia: The plot for Mia’s first book is as follows. Mia is pressured by her brothers to stop figure skating and start hockey again.They say she has the skills to play hockey. Mia doesn’t want to play hockey and tells that to her brothers over and over again. When a new coach arrives to teach figure skating Mia is pushed harder than ever. Her new coach wants her to be in the winter show, but can Mia do it?

This book introduces Mia as a skater and important part of her family. If you love Mia then I reccomend this book to you. I had a wonderful time reading it.

Bravo, Mia!: After doing a spectacular job in the winter show Mia’s coach wants her to go to the regionals. Mia trains hard, but when her brothers hockey life interferes will Mia still be able to go? In this book the journey of Mia’s life go further still. With many setbacks and a family crisis will Mia hold on to her dream?

In my opinion this book is just as good as the first one if not better. The element of suspense is taking place as Mia struggles through her life. If you enjoyed the first book then you will love the second.

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Julie Tells Her Story: Another Great Hit

Julie Albright is enjoying working on her school report “The Story of My Life” until she encounters the difficulty of reporting about the worst event that has occured in her life. Of course it was her parent’s divorce, but Julie doesn’t want the whole class to know about that. In this book, Julie has to stay strong to help her make the best of the school year.


I marked a page in this book which was a quote that I liked. It was said by Julie: “I think families are kind of like bones-they can break too, but in some ways, it makes you even stronger. And when one person’s in trouble or gets hurt, families pull together, and you can still count on them to be there for you.”


Rating: *****

Enjoyable book. It’s a must-reader.


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Meet Julie Book: Top On My List

Meet Julie

Hello all! I just finished reading the one and only Meet Julie book this weekend! I bet a lot of you are wondering what this book is about, so here’s a little description:

Julie Albright is moving a few miles away from her best friend, Ivy and she doesn’t like it! Moving means having a fight with her best friend, not being able to be on the basketball team and many other sticky situations. Julie doesn’t only survive from these situations; she learns how to do what’s right.

I marked a page in the book that really stood out to me. It’s a quote that president Nixon said before he left office: A man isn’t finished when he’s defeated, he’s finished when he quits.

Books Rating (Out of five): *****

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