Target vs. Mattel: Money Savers or Money Spenders

As you know from one of Sylvie’s posts, Target also makes a version of American Girl Dolls and furniture. Except, their prices range from $20 to $40. American Girl’s prices range from $60 to $325. Big diffrence, right? In another one of Sylvie’s posts, her mom brought her broken items to the American Girl Store and the person at the counter said they weren’t well made. Why do you think they sell these items for that much money, then? Are they a little too greedy?


This Target version of an ice skater, rather like Mia, is $39.99. But, maybe, it’s a lot cheaper than American Girl because the dolls aren’t as well made. What do you think?


This is Mia, an ice skater just like the doll above. She is sold for $90, as most of you know. Which one looks like it’s better made, and which one looks like it’s more fun to play with?

A little while ago, I got a salon chair from Target for my birthday. It was a lot cheaper than American Girl’s salon chair, and works just the same.


This is the salon chair from Target. It comes with hair supplies, like a blow dryer, spray bottle, curlers, scissors, a brush, and the chair for only $19.99. I think it’s a great deal.


This is the salon chair from American Girl. It costs $49 for just the chair. If you want hair styling tips and tricks, you have to pay an extra $7.95. I know Target has the better deal, but which one do you think is better to do your doll’s hair in?

As you can see, the doll from Target looks a little cheap on the outside, but it’s pretty much the same as American Girl. Target has a much better deal, and you can do the same things with each item.


March 23, 2008. Comparison. 24 comments.

Pre-Mattel Dolls vs. Mattel Dolls


On the right is a pre-mattel version of the American Girl Doll, Samantha, and on the left is the Mattel version. Do you see the differences? I can point all of them out.

1. The cheeks on the Mattel version look different. They droop down, while the Pre-Mattel is up straight.

2. The hair is darker on the Mattel version. It looks more straggly.

3. The eyes are darker on the Mattel doll.

4. The Mattel doll’s skin is lighter than the Pre-Mattel.


Now, we’ll see the Josefina Pre-Mattel and Mattel dolls.


1. The Pre-Mattel on the right has lighter eyes than the doll on the left.

2. The skintone on the Mattel version of the doll is more pink, just like she got sunburnt!

3. It looks like the Pre-Mattel doll has much thicker hair.

4. The Pre-Mattel doll has leather type tyes on the moccasins, while the Mattel doll has a shoestring type tye on the moccasins.


Most of you probably have Pre-Mattel dolls, while just some of you have Mattel. Either one is great, as long as you have the doll!

Thank you for this interesting idea.

August 7, 2007. Comparison. 7 comments.