I Need YOUR Help!!!

Hi, it’s Julia here. I just wanted to say a big THANKS to everyone who has continued to stay on this blog. You guys are AWESOME and soooooo loyal!!!! Now, I don’t do this often but I have a favor to ask of ALL OF YOU. I know this is our first post in, what, over a year maybe? But I’m breaking that chain with this post. 🙂 Were any of you ever on the American Girl Club maybe 4 or 5 years ago? Well when they closed that club, it broke my heart. I had made so many friends just to lose them. If any of you were there when that happened, you know exactly how I feel. (Or maybe not XD) What I feel even worse about is that my mom got on the club and talked to 2 of the girls’ moms. We got their emails and we kept in touch… for some time. We lost touch after that and now I feel really bad. All I’m saying is if that club is back, MAYBE there’s a chance they’ll join again and we’ll find each other. You never know. One girl on there was my “twin” and we looked exactly alike and we talked a lot. Now it makes me feel really guilty that I lost touch with her.

OK, now to the point! Maybe if we get enough people rounded up here, we can convince American Girl to put a club back up on their website. I don’t know about you, but I would pay anything to get back on there and talk to some girls. So, if you sign below, and we get enough people, I can send this to American Girl and see what they say. Sign your name below like this:

1. Julia


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Advertisement for…THE KIT MOVIE

One day while I was just looking out the window, I happened to see an advertisement for the Kit movie.

The advertisement was on a cab.

Also, I went to the movie theater one day and they were advertising things as usual, and I looked at what they were presenting and it was an advertisement for the Kit movie!

This shows that the excitement is closer than ever!!!


This is from no other website, except the picture.

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American Girl Doll Hair Tips

Have you ever been in a situation where your doll’s hair is unmanageable? Probably. Here are a few tips for your dolls hair so that it can stay manageable.

First, NEVER brush your doll’s hair without wetting it first. Bad things can happen!

Second, Always use the American girl brush.

Third, if you are having trouble use a toothbrush (an old one), it works!

Fourth, if you see just a few strands of hair coming out of the end of your doll’s hair, you can cut it, just don’t cut too much off. It won’t grow back!

Fifth, don’t be alarmed if hair comes out when you brushing, it happens.

Sixth, if you have something resembling a spray bottle, fill it up with water and spray it on your doll’s hair before brushing.

Seventh, if you are braiding or doing something with your doll’s hair where you need a holder, get the holder before you start.

Hope these tips help keep your doll’s hair more manageable.

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Kit’s NEW Movie Trailer

I bet that all of you have seen the Kit movie trailer. But I don’t think that all of you have seen her NEW one!

Go check it out soon!!!

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American Girl Can’t Seem To Wait

Even though it is only the beginning of the new year, 2008, American girl has already started planning for the girl of the year 2009! They just can’t seem to wait can they? Well anyway the good thing is… we get some very early news! It seems as though the author of the girl of the year 2009 will be Mary Casanova, who also wrote the Jess books (girl of the year 2006) for American girl. If any more information comes out we will be sure to let you know. This information was found at Doll Diaries. Not American girl: I found a website called Free Rice, where you try to define a word and if you get it right 20 grains of rice goes to people who need food, try it sometime.

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Ruthie Smithens

Really Truly RuthieRuthie Smithens, Kit’s best friend, will have a book released in June. Her book is titled Really Truly Ruthie. The blurb is below. Enjoy reading it! 

Ruthie Smithens, a girl who believes in fairy tales and happy endings, would do almost anything to help her best friend, Kit Kittredge, whose family has been hard hit by the Depression. But Ruthie has learned the hard way that offers of help, even between friends, are tricky. When Ruthie finds out some bad news about the Kittredges’ house while at her father’s bank, she has to find a way to help the Kittredges’ reach Kit’s Aunt Millie, so that there can be at least the chance of a happy ending!  

Book and blurb from Doll Diaries 


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American Girl Doll: Ruthie Smithens

News just in! Ruthie, Kit’s best friend, will be out in May 2008! She will be the fourteenth doll in American Girl! What a good way to start off 2008 knowing this exciting news!  

Photo courtesy of American Girl Collecting. 

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See Mia Live!


Hey folks,

Here is a picture of Mia, when she was on the Oprah show, on her book cover, and a poster.

If you missed the Oprah show on Mia, here is the part where they show her. It stops a lot but, I liked it.

I also want to thank Millie’s Doll Closet, and Doll Diaries for the pictures of Mia.

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Mia Has Been Sighted!

Today, there was a whole section on American girl on the TV show, Oprah. My mom let me watch it and the audience actually got to see Mia, the American girl of 2008! Mia is a figure skater growing up in upstate New York. She’s grown up facing her three brothers in ice hockey in the pond behind her house. Mia’s message that American Girl’s trying to get across is to follow your dreams and to never give up. As Sylvie has mentioned, there are going to be two books about Mia; Mia and Bravo, Mia! There is a book summary for each of them below.


Mia St. Clair is a ten-year-old girl living in upstate New York. She has grown up playing ice hockey wit her three older brothers on the pond behind their house. Mia’s got the skills and the scrappiness it takes to be a star hockey player, but she’s tired of skating in her brothers’ shadows and has decided to follow her heart and pursue figure skating instead. Does she have what it takes to grow and compete as a figure skaters? When a new coach arrives, Mia finds herself gently pushed by the coach at the same time that she’s pulled by her brothers. Can she stay true to her heart and follow her own path? Can she hold her own in a world of competitive skating?

Bravo, Mia!

Mia St. Clair can’t wait for Regionals. Or can she? Mia has been training all year to master the moves she needs to compete at the Regional Figure Skating Competition. It’s her first time competing at that level, and Mia is eager for and worried about Regionals all at the same time. Is she a good enough skater? Does she have what it takes to survive in the world of competitive figure skating–and still be a good sport? When a family crisis threatens Mia’s chances of going to Regionals, Mia is heartbroken. But she knows that being a good sport means accepting challenges–even big losses–with determination and grace.

Any of these books sound good to you? They’ll be available in January!



These pictures were taken by me from the Oprah Winfrey Show.

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Girl of the year 2008: Mia

Exciting news!

The girl of the year 2008 is Mia! She will have two books, just like Nicki, girl of the year 2007, and they will be by Laurence Yep. The titles are called Mia and Bravo, Mia!

Thats all for now.

November 4, 2007. Cool Things To Know, Information. 28 comments.

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