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Photos from American girl collecting.

Have you ever noticed that a couple of months after there is a new doll she always gets a outfit like Nellie got her Spring Party dress and Samantha did too, Elizabeth and Felicity got their Summer gowns, and last but not least Molly and Emily got their recital outfits.

So of course Julie and Ivy will got outfits bur the question is when. I think that in a couple of months lets say December they will get it. I wonder if the pattern will continue because in a few months there will be new outfits for Julie and Ivy!

I think that they will be something to do with summer, their time wasn’t that long ago so they are not that different as Samantha or Josefina.

None of Nellie’s, Elizabeth’s, or Emily’s items have been retired, but Nellie’s might be soon because she is about two years old, the oldest best friend.

Another thing is that there might not be a new doll for the holidays because Julie and Ivy just came out about a month ago.

We’ll keep you updated on this and that.


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Lights, Camera, Action! Highlights of the Kit Movie

Abigail Breslin has a great video of some girls before the auditions! The girls will say their lines, and say why they would be a good person to be in the Kit movie. Comment who you think will make it!

Photo Courtesy of Live Search Images

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Fisher Price To Hot Wheels To American Girl

mattel-2.jpg Photo from Mattel.

Mattel, the leading toy company owns a lot of toy company’s such as Fisher Price, Hot Wheels, Barbie, and American girl. They also own Uno, Scrabble, Disney games, and more if you go to their website you can find out all the others.

I find it amazing that Mattel owns all these company’s and keeps up with it. With all the recalls, Mattel is probably having a tough time with that, and the High Holidays are coming soon.

Mattel was founded in 1945 by Matt Matson and Elliot Handler, and the name Mattel comes from the founders as in Matt.

Mattel’s logo is today and tomorrow and so far that is true; because they are the leading toy company in the world.

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Things Unknown At American girl

At American girl they do not announce news until it is almost coming out, for instance when Julie came out there was no news to about the week before and all along we knew about it if you have been to the sites that we get our news from and here.

Here are some things that nobody knows. Why the prices of American girl are so high, why items are retired, and more.

We can obviously not answer these questions, we can only guess but we can make good guesses, bad guesses, and have other people guess which is what anybody can do, they don’t have to start their own blog or something.

Well anyway I am going to guess that the American girl prices are so high because they know that girls love the dolls and will buy them no matter what. another guess is why things are retired, and that guess is that things are retired because American girl wants girls to focus on the new things only which is why none of Nellie’s, Elizabeth’s. Emily’s, Julie’s, or Ivy’s things have been retired.

Photos from American girl collecting.

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The Changes Mattel brought to American girl

In 1998 Mattel bought American girl a short while later a lot of changes were made here are some of them. cat1993summerb.jpgHere is a catalog of Summer 1993 and here is one from Spring 1998, do you see the difference?cat1998springc.jpgAlso before Mattel bought American girl all of the dolls had at least 3 outfits for girls and their dolls that were the same. But soon they were retired. Here are some of them.sam_dress_3.jpgfel_dress_4.jpgAnother thing that changed when Mattel bought American girl was that back then there were no best friends like Nellie, Elizabeth, Or Emily there were also no today dolls.Before Kirsten used to be very popular like just as much as Samantha but Mattel wanted girls to by all the dolls so they made new dolls for Samantha, Felicity, and Molly so now all of those dolls are popular and Kit is too because of her movie also these days Kirsten is not at all popular and neither is Addy.agot_24.jpgimg_jess_01.jpgagcgi.jpgAnother thing that changed is making the today dolls, girl of the year dolls and best friends .Those are all the changes Mattel brought to American girl.Pictures from American girl collecting site.

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Before Erin Hilgartner…

Rachel Shrader was so close to being Florence in, Kit, An American Girl Mystery. She had gotten her fourth call back, and that was probably the end. Erin Hilgartner has taken that role, the role she had longed to do. Susan Avery has interviewed this young actress in New York Magazine, the interview is below.

What was the audition like?
We had to go into a room at the American Girl store and study our lines. There were about twenty of us who were the finalists from around the country, like Colorado, Orlando, Pennsylvania.

Were you nervous?
Yes, I went in alone. No one noticed, but I picked my cuticles, which is what I do when I’m nervous.

What role did you try out for?
I was trying out for Ruthie, but one of the casting directors came up to me and said, “You look like Florence,” and she gave me the script. Florence is the younger sister. She wants to get into this club, but every time she tries, something gets messed up. I identify with her because I’m a younger sister, and I know what it’s like when stuff keeps getting in your way.

This movie is about the Great Depression. Do you know what that is?
It was in the thirties, and banks took away people’s money, furniture, houses, and businesses.

How do you feel right now?
I’m anxious. If I don’t make it, I’ll be disappointed, but I won’t break down totally. But if I do make it, I have to be in Toronto by May 29 for filming. It would be such an overload, I might freak out, which I do sometimes. Other times I just go with the flow.

Do you think you have a chance?
Yes and no. Some of the girls had amazing expression that I don’t think I can beat. But I was the only light blonde.

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Madison Pettis: Birthday at American Girl

Madison Pettis with her American Girl doll Hello everyone! You know Madison Pettis, who plays Sophie in Cory in the House? Well, this is something interesting. She celebrated her ninth birthday at American girl, it was a private party, in a private dining room 🙂

Madison has quite a few American girl dolls. They’ve shown the dolls on TV, in some episodes of Cory in the House. One is the Napper’s Delight. She used the Just Like You doll #26H. Do you know any other episodes with her dolls in it?

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American girl websites

You know, people don’t just make up news , they have to get it from newspapers other websites things like things that. That is why we have interviews and reporters. so the news can go on television, websites, and newspapers. This site is no different we get our news from many places we make links there too. in this post we want to take you behind the blog a little. we are going to give you the address of the websites we use and tell you which ones are the best. So here it is.

Our best website is called The complete guide to American girl collecting, it gives you news about the retired items, new dolls, new outfits things like that pretty much everything. We also sometimes use American girl doll official website it gives you the basics nothing that will be out soon excepting the Kit movie, so if you want the news everybody already knows go there. Then there is this site that is only about the books so you can go there if you like reading about the dolls. There are also some sites that sell American girl clothes but they are not by the real company here is one of those sites. there is of course Ebay which has every retired item there is, I like to go to Ebay because: you can get items, sell items, and just look at items.

Photo from American girl collecting ( your complete guide to American girl collecting).

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Extra, Extra! Read all about it!!!

Abigail Breslin stars in the new Kit movie, which will be coming out in theaters in July 2008. There were auditions going on at the American Girl Place quite a while ago. Four girls, Erin, Elisabeth, Jordan and Brieanne will be in the movie. Stay tuned!!!!!!

By: Julia Jarvis and Sylvie Rosen

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