Mia St. Clair, Her Life, Her Time

Mia St. Clair is a ten-year-old girl who loves to skate. She has grown up with playing ice hockey with her three older brothers, and is tired of skating in her brother’s shadows. She has now decided to take up the passion of figure skating instead. With a new coach, Mia finds out if she has what it takes to be a figure skater. 
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Marisol Luna, Her Life, Her Time

Marisol Luna is a Spanish 10 year old who lives in Chicago. She’s in the fourth grade. Marisol was born to dance, it’s her favorite thing in the world to do! She takes tap, jazz, ballet and folklorico lessons. It’s hard work, but if she keeps it up, she can be a real dancer. Marisol lives with her loving parents in a busy and large Hispanic town in Chicago.

Marisol Luna was introduced December 27, 2004 and became retired December 15, 2005.

Photo courtesy of American Girl Collecting

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Lindsey Bergman, Her Life, Her Time

Lindsey Bergman is not an average ten year old girl. She is funny, warm hearted and just can’t stop wanting to help! She never stops trying to turn her teachers into lovebirds, and she wants her school bully free.

Lindsey has a cute wiener dog named Mr. Tiny and she just loves to help him! But sometimes that helping gets her in a lot of trouble…

American Girl introduced Lindsey in 2001. She was the first Girl of the Year doll.

I got this picture from American Girl Collecting, it’s great!

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Jess Mconnell, Her Life, Her Time


Jess Mconnell is a adventurous 10 year old girl and ready for anything. From the moment she steps off the plane and into Belize she wants to explore.

Her Irish American dad and her Japanese American mom both love archeology and exploring, they came to Belize to spend five months at the ancient Maya ruins. It’s Jess’s first time being out of the United States, her first time being home-schooled, and her first trip without her older brother and sister.

Jess was girl of the year 2006 and she is now retired with the exception of her book.

photo courtesy of the complete guide to American girl collecting.

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Kailey Hopkins, Her Life, Her Time

Kailey Hopkins is a ten year old water girl, in the sense that she loves to go boogie boarding in the salty ocean more than anything in the world.

Very soon the trouble starts with a development that wants to destroy her beach and Kailey has to use courage she never knew she had to save the thing that she loves most.

Kailey was introduced in the summer of 2003 the next year in July she was retired with the exception of her book.

Photo courtesy of American girl collecting.

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Molly Mcintire, Her Life, Her Time

molly-2.jpgMolly Mcintire is a girl who is growing up during world war two and is a lively, lovable schemer and dreamer. While Molly is at home her father is oveseas caring for the wounded. Molly does not like the changes the war has brought like rationing rubber, eating turnips for dinner and not seeing dad for the holidays! Even with the changes the war has brought America, Molly learns how to pull her self together just like America must do to win this dreadful war.

Along with Kirsten, and Samantha, Molly was one of the dolls who launched the collection in 1986, After Felicity.


We are so lucky to Have American girl collecting to lend us these pictures of Molly.

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Addy Walker, Her Life, Her Time

Addy Walker was discriminated. That means that she was seperated from the rest of the crowd, because she was black. I think Addy has an intersesting life. What about you?

Master Stevens kept Addy and her family for slaves. Slaves and maids are two very different things. Maids want to do their job for money. Slaves don’t get money, and they’re forced to do it. It’s sad 😦

Addy soon escapes Master Stevens with her mother in 1864. They escaped through the ocean, her mother couldn’t swim. Addy had learned how to swim, so she was good to go. She had to help mother get through the hard waves, and they are free. They lose the rest of their family though. Addy learns what it means to be free and she learns to read and write and make new friends. Still she has hope faith through these hard times, and keeps her dreams alive.

Addy was introduced in 1986 and was the second girl to be in the series after Kirsten, Molly, and Samantha.

Addy has had a lot of hard times in her life. And sad times. I think Addy has an intersesting life. What about you?

Once again we would like you to thank American girl collecting to lend us these pictures for our posts.

By Julia Jarvis and Sylvie Rosen


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Emily Bennet, Her Life, Her Time

This is Emily Bennet. She’s a shy English girl. Emily gets herself in tight situations, but she always finds a way out of them.

Emily moved in with Molly, ever since her parents died 😦 Emily’s first lie starts a little something like this. “My parents are lord and lady Bennet,” Emily tells Molly, Linda and Susan. They are all amazed and they start curtsying when they say hi. Molly learns that her parents aren’t lord and lady Bennet, but she waits for Emily to tell her the truth.

I think Emily is a great American girl, don’t you think so?

Emily’s pictures are once again from American girl collecting

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Kit Kittredge, Her Life, Her Time

Take a look at this post by us and the pictures from American girl collecting.

As you know, Kit’s movie is coming out in theatres! But, I bet a lot of you want to know more about Kit than you already do. This passage will take you through Kit’s time, what she’s going through.

Kit Kittredge is not your ordinary girl. She’s a tomboy, she used to have a girly girl room, all pink and frilly! But, soon after the Kittredges lost their home. Kit’s afraid she will have to move in with grouchy Uncle Hendrick! But, her mom had an idea. One word, BOARDERS! Boarders are people who live in a household, with other people they know, or don’t know. Boarders have to pay rent, so the person owning the house can pay taxes. Kit now learns that change can be good.

To learn more about Kit, read all her books, and make sure to watch the movie next summer!

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Kaya, Her Life, Her Time

is a Nez Perce girl growing up in 1764. She loves to ride her horse Steps High, play with her pup Tatlo, or share stories with her blind sister. Kaya wants to be the leader of her tribe and prepare them for the future. She draws strength from her family, and they tell her that she is a bold warrior women. Kaya is short for Kaya’aton’my which means she who aranges rocks.

Kaya was introduced to the collection in 2002 as the first American girl.


American girl collecting was so kind to lend us these pictures and we want to thank them.

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