Josefina Monatoya, Her Life, Her Time


Doesn’t Josefina look good in her outfits these are from American girl collecting again.

Josefina Monatoya lives in New Mexico in 1824. Ever since her mama died she and her sisters have bravely met the challenges of the rancho. As they watch the Americans arrive from the east Josefina and her sisters struggle to hold on to their mothers love and her ways. Josefina wants to become a Tia Magdalena like her mother.

Josefina was the sixth American girl added to the collection. She was added in 1997.


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Felicity Merriman, Her Life, Her Time

Felicity Merriman
is a spunky girl growing up in Virgina, 1774. Her parents want Felicity to be a regular young women, but Felicity wants to be outside with the horses and nature. Soon Felicity learns what it means to be independent and respect her friends and family. Elizabeth Cole is Felicity’s best friend.

Felicity was the first doll that was added to the collection in 1991 then in 2002 Molly, Kirsten, and Samantha were added. Shortly after that Felicity’s items were removed from the catalog and were only sold online. But then her item’s came back.


Felicity is my personal second favorite doll. I love these pictures from American girl collecting .

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Samantha Parkington, Her Life, Her Time

Samantha Parkington is a favorite for a lot of girls. She’s Nellie’s best friend, she’s a hero, because she helped get Nellie and her sisters out of that orphanage! But she’s more than just that, you’ll find out what more she is in this passage, so read on girls!

On May 26th, 1895, a little baby was born. Little did these parents know, their baby was going to be a hero. Not just any hero, a hero with guts, a hero that wasn’t afraid of anything, and that hero was a kid. Her name was Samantha Parkington.

Samantha didn’t grow up with her parents. Samantha wasn’t exactly an orphan. Her grandmother, Grandmary had taken her, for she was her godmother. But, Samantha didn’t stay with Grandmary all her life either. But, Grandmary didn’t die when she left the household. Samantha went to live with her Aunt Cornelia and Uncle Gard in Mount Bedford, New York.

Samantha became a hero. Nellie was put in an orphanage. Guess what Samantha did to save the day! She collected Nellie and her sisters and brought them to her house, up in the attic part. But, little did they know, Gertrude, the housemaid would come into the room and find the girls 😦 She then told Uncle Gard and Aunt Cornelia ASAP! Aunt Cornelia and Uncle Gard were very disappointed in Samantha, but she was just doing the right thing!

To find out more about Samantha, read her books!

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Elizabeth Cole, Her Life, Her Time

Elizabeth Cole. What are some things you think of when I say her name? Elizabeth Cole. I think of her attending lessons with Felicity at Miss Manderly’s, Felicity, mostly and I think of Loyalists and Patriots. If you’ve never read Elizabeth’s story, this post is for you! If you know a lot about Elizabeth, just read for the fun of it! It can’t hurt!

The Cole family were Loyalists, which means they thought the Colonists should stay loyal to the king of England. Felicity’s family thought the exact opposite, which was a problem. But, Elizabeth and Felicity had many things in common, plus they liked each other! So why stop seeing each other just because of what they believe in! Felicity’s father always called Elizabeth and her the merriest girls in Virginia!

Elizabeth met Felicity at Miss Manderly’s, where they learned to become gentlewomen. Elizabeth had an older sister, Annabelle. Annabelle was snotty, and liked the apprentice, Ben Davidson. Annabelle calls Elizabeth Bitsy. I would say “how rude!”

Elizabeth was very funny; for when Annabelle scolded or snipped at her, Elizabeth would gently tease her, Annabelle could see how ridiculous she was acting!

That’s pretty much all you need to know about Elizabeth! Be sure to read her book, Very Funny Elizabeth!

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Kirsten Larson, Her Life, Her Time


A lot of you people out there have American girl dolls, right, and this blog is here to keep you well informed about new things right? But we can also give you information on the dolls story’s. This one is about Kirsten, and Julia already wrote about Nellie. Here is the information.

So Kirsten lived in 1854 and she was from Sweden then she moved to America. She was very sad since she had left the rest of her family behind other than her parents and siblings, but even worse her best friend had died along the way so she was so upset. When she got to Minnesota she began to understand the way living in America. then she knew that she could go on with her life and make the change and her home.

Kirsten was one of the first dolls to appear along with Molly, and Samantha in 1986.


Photos are copied from American girl collecting.

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Nellie O’Malley, Her Life, Her Time

Nellie looks terribly unhappy in this snap shot from American girl collecting here is why.

A lot of you probably know the basics of Nellie O’Malley, right? That she’s an orphan, Samantha’s her best friend, but you probably don’t know all the details of her life, right? Of course I’m right! I’m always right! Well, anyway, Nellie’s life is down below.

Nellie O’Malley is an orphan at first, until Uncle Gard and Aunt Cornelia adopt her and her two sisters, Bridget and Jenny. But before this happened, Nellie and her sisters had to live in their mean Uncle Mike’s house, that nasty man, he abandoned Nellie Bridget and Jenny! That meant they all had to go to an orphanage. But, that orphanage was no good. Nellie couldn’t see her sisters at any time of the day! So, Samantha makes a plan to help the girls escape from the orphanage! Nellie thought she was the luckiest girl to have a best friend, Samantha!

She felt very lucky to be living with Samantha and her aunt and uncle, but she couldn’t help feeling responsible for her two younger sisters and she worried about the future. Nellie promised her mother before she died that she would keep Bridget and Jenny safe.

Nellie ran into her Uncle Mike on the street once. He said he was going to take Nellie, Bridget and Jenny back with him, so they could work at the factory, and he would get rich, because he would take the money 😦

Nellie then saw him in the parlor, she was really afraid he would take her and her sisters away. He was their only relative, so he had parental rights to them. But, she found out Uncle Gard and Aunt Cornelia had asked him to stop buy to sign papers, so they could get special rights to own Nellie and the girls!!! That would mean Nellie, Bridget and Jenny would get adopted by Uncle Gard and Aunt Cornelia! Nellie stood up for herself and her sisters. She told him mistreating children was against the law, so he better sign the papers!

I hope you learned a little something about what Nellie was going through. I thought this was really interesting, what about you?

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Ivy Ling

Ivy Ling is a middle child living in San Francisco. Her mother went back to school to try to become a lawyer and her father has two jobs to pay for the family. Ivy is having a very hard time, but worse her best friend Julie Albright is moving.

By: Sylvie Rosen and Julia Jarvis


Photo from complete guide to American girl collecting.

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Julie Albright



Julie Albright and Ivy Ling are best friends. They live in the 1970’s in San Francisco, California. When Julie’s family has to move, she has to leave behind Ivy Ling, and her pet rabbit, Nutmeg. Worst of all, she has to leave her dad, now that her parents are divorced. Her home is only a few miles away from where she used to live. Julie’s mom owns her own store, and is working full time. America is trying to change to the metric system and girls can now play on sports teams! Julie is supposed to be introduced next month in September!

By Julia Jarvis and Sylvie Rosen

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