Why American Girl Dolls Are So Expensive

Has anybody ever wondered why American girl dolls are so expensive, well if you have read this to find out!

First of all, although American girl doll clothes are not made very well, the actual doll is.

Which means that a lot of work goes into making them, and that takes people; and people want to get paid. Therefore, since American girl needs to pay all these people they need the money, and so they get their money from the sale of the dolls, and they also need to make some money themselves.

Some jobs American girl needs to make the dolls are the face sculptor, the designer ofthe body, the attachment of the arms and legs, and the placement of the eyes and ears.

In conclusion American girl dolls are very expensive because they are well made and the company needs to pay the people to work.

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Girl of the year 2008: Mia

Exciting news!

The girl of the year 2008 is Mia! She will have two books, just like Nicki, girl of the year 2007, and they will be by Laurence Yep. The titles are called Mia and Bravo, Mia!

Thats all for now.

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New And Old



Photos from American girl collecting.

Have you ever noticed that a couple of months after there is a new doll she always gets a outfit like Nellie got her Spring Party dress and Samantha did too, Elizabeth and Felicity got their Summer gowns, and last but not least Molly and Emily got their recital outfits.

So of course Julie and Ivy will got outfits bur the question is when. I think that in a couple of months lets say December they will get it. I wonder if the pattern will continue because in a few months there will be new outfits for Julie and Ivy!

I think that they will be something to do with summer, their time wasn’t that long ago so they are not that different as Samantha or Josefina.

None of Nellie’s, Elizabeth’s, or Emily’s items have been retired, but Nellie’s might be soon because she is about two years old, the oldest best friend.

Another thing is that there might not be a new doll for the holidays because Julie and Ivy just came out about a month ago.

We’ll keep you updated on this and that.

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Lights, Camera, Action! Highlights of the Kit Movie

Abigail Breslin

http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2007/05/video_amercian_girls_dream.html has a great video of some girls before the auditions! The girls will say their lines, and say why they would be a good person to be in the Kit movie. Comment who you think will make it!

Photo Courtesy of Live Search Images

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Meet Julie Book: Top On My List

Meet Julie

Hello all! I just finished reading the one and only Meet Julie book this weekend! I bet a lot of you are wondering what this book is about, so here’s a little description:

Julie Albright is moving a few miles away from her best friend, Ivy and she doesn’t like it! Moving means having a fight with her best friend, not being able to be on the basketball team and many other sticky situations. Julie doesn’t only survive from these situations; she learns how to do what’s right.

I marked a page in the book that really stood out to me. It’s a quote that president Nixon said before he left office: A man isn’t finished when he’s defeated, he’s finished when he quits.

Books Rating (Out of five): *****

Photo Courtesy of American Girl Publishing

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Fisher Price To Hot Wheels To American Girl

mattel-2.jpg Photo from Mattel.

Mattel, the leading toy company owns a lot of toy company’s such as Fisher Price, Hot Wheels, Barbie, and American girl. They also own Uno, Scrabble, Disney games, and more if you go to their website you can find out all the others.

I find it amazing that Mattel owns all these company’s and keeps up with it. With all the recalls, Mattel is probably having a tough time with that, and the High Holidays are coming soon.

Mattel was founded in 1945 by Matt Matson and Elliot Handler, and the name Mattel comes from the founders as in Matt.

Mattel’s logo is today and tomorrow and so far that is true; because they are the leading toy company in the world.

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Things Unknown At American girl

At American girl they do not announce news until it is almost coming out, for instance when Julie came out there was no news to about the week before and all along we knew about it if you have been to the sites that we get our news from and here.

Here are some things that nobody knows. Why the prices of American girl are so high, why items are retired, and more.

We can obviously not answer these questions, we can only guess but we can make good guesses, bad guesses, and have other people guess which is what anybody can do, they don’t have to start their own blog or something.

Well anyway I am going to guess that the American girl prices are so high because they know that girls love the dolls and will buy them no matter what. another guess is why things are retired, and that guess is that things are retired because American girl wants girls to focus on the new things only which is why none of Nellie’s, Elizabeth’s. Emily’s, Julie’s, or Ivy’s things have been retired.

Photos from American girl collecting.

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The Changes Mattel brought to American girl

In 1998 Mattel bought American girl a short while later a lot of changes were made here are some of them. cat1993summerb.jpgHere is a catalog of Summer 1993 and here is one from Spring 1998, do you see the difference?cat1998springc.jpgAlso before Mattel bought American girl all of the dolls had at least 3 outfits for girls and their dolls that were the same. But soon they were retired. Here are some of them.sam_dress_3.jpgfel_dress_4.jpgAnother thing that changed when Mattel bought American girl was that back then there were no best friends like Nellie, Elizabeth, Or Emily there were also no today dolls.Before Kirsten used to be very popular like just as much as Samantha but Mattel wanted girls to by all the dolls so they made new dolls for Samantha, Felicity, and Molly so now all of those dolls are popular and Kit is too because of her movie also these days Kirsten is not at all popular and neither is Addy.agot_24.jpgimg_jess_01.jpgagcgi.jpgAnother thing that changed is making the today dolls, girl of the year dolls and best friends .Those are all the changes Mattel brought to American girl.Pictures from American girl collecting site.

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Mattel, American girl, and other toys That are claimed unsafe

wwwreuterscom.jpgSome time ago Mattel toys were found to be made in china! This is bad because some China made toys have lead people think that in them and little kids put their toys in their mouth. So later somebody told me that it does not matter where the toys are made but how they are made so that is all I know and there are quite a few other things about this problem. People believe American girl is one of these toys! So watch out just joking.

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Life’s Like That, Dollface

My dad, about a year ago wrote in his blog about how unfair he thought it was that American Girl shut down the club. “It’s like putting up a Berlin Wall around the third grades the world around,” my dad said, since at the time, I was in third grade. Christopher Palmeri wrote an article on July 3rd, 2006 about this tragic event. It’s called Life’s Like That Dollface, and the article’s below.

Life’s Like That, Dollface Few brands resonate with girls as strongly as Mattel’s $400 million-a-year American Girl doll. So when Mattel said that it will close its online American Girl Club in August, high-profile media blogger Jeff Jarvis objected on behalf of 9-year-olds like his daughter. The subscription-based club lets girls send messages to other doll owners, and Jarvis says his daughter is heartbroken about the closure. “I’ll bet that Mattel didn’t know the obligation it took on when it started this community,” Jarvis recently wrote in BuzzMachine.com, his blog. “It’s like putting up a Berlin Wall around third grades the world around.”American Girl spokesperson Stephanie Spanos says revenue from subscriptions ($20 a year to join, $10 to renew) wasn’t enough to justify operating costs. (The site has a staff that ensures sensitive data such as home addresses aren’t shared.) As one of Jarvis’ readers wrote: “Perhaps third grade is a good time for a girl to start learning that there are friends, and there is business.”

By Christopher Palmeri .

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