For those of you who come to this site and don’t know what American girl, this is the place to go.

American girl is a company, owned by Mattel, who also owns Barbie, Fisher Price, and Hot Wheels, that sells dolls and all sorts of clothing for the dolls.

Historical dolls: This term is used quite often and when you are reading a post it is important for you to know what everything means. Historical dolls are a line of dolls each of whom live in a different era in America, starting from the Native Americans and ending with the 70’s. Each doll has her own story, name, books, and clothing to go with the time period in which they are in.

Today dolls: Another type of doll American girl produces are the Today dolls. Today dolls are a line of dolls mostly opposite from Historical dolls. For example if you get a Today doll you get to name it, it doesn’t have clothing of its own, there are many different outfits that are for all the Today dolls, and they are in our time period.

Girl of the Year dolls, GOTY: Another line of dolls that American girl has been recently carrying are the Girl of the Year doll, also known as GOTY. The GOTY dolls are a mix of Today dolls and Historical dolls, the doll has her own name, story, and clothes, but are in the today world. American girl started carrying these dolls in 2001. The first GOTY doll was Lindsey, followed by Kailey, Marisol, Jess, Nicki, and in 2008 Mia. The 2009 GOTY will be Chrissa who will have two best friends, Gwen and Sonali.

If you have any other questions, place a comment below.

Hope you enjoy this blog even more now that you know what everything is!



  1. Ruth replied:

    when is Ruthie here?

  2. Julia replied:

    She will probably be out sometime this month, but no promises. I was hoping May 1st, but that obviously hasn’t happened.

  3. Julia replied:

    I have just found out that she might be coming out in early June, but you can see a picture of her in our latest post

  4. Fern replied:

    they started with GOTY dolls in 2001

  5. aj replied:

    when will the auditions for Julie: An American Girl Musical be? e-mail with any information at fruitloop202@yahoo.com

  6. helena replied:

    hey my friend has ruthie!

  7. Lindsey replied:

    What about Bitty Baby? And Bitty Twins?

  8. American Girl replied:

    Excellent site – thank you for providing such a great resource. I will definitely link to your site from my home page.

    Here is another great site about Dolls http://dollgirl.com

  9. Dakota replied:

    When are the tryouts for the new movie, Julie, or have they already happened? If they haven’t happened I would like the information on when it happens and what we have to do for it.

  10. italya replied:

    when are the julie try outs

  11. Jessica replied:

    I want to know that too!
    tell me if u hear anything!

  12. Anita replied:

    Does anybody know when or where the Julie movie tryouts are?

  13. Amelia Rose replied:

    Will there be any more posts, since no more have since 2010. Anyway, I like Nicki and Elizabeth ’cause I love curls and waves, Caroline is SOOO cute.

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