Madison Pettis: Birthday at American Girl

Madison Pettis with her American Girl doll Hello everyone! You know Madison Pettis, who plays Sophie in Cory in the House? Well, this is something interesting. She celebrated her ninth birthday at American girl, it was a private party, in a private dining room ๐Ÿ™‚

Madison has quite a few American girl dolls. They’ve shown the dolls on TV, in some episodes of Cory in the House. One is the Napper’s Delight. She used the Just Like You doll #26H. Do you know any other episodes with her dolls in it?


August 9, 2007. American girl experiences, Cool Things To Know.


  1. Shaye replied:

    I HAVE THE SAME DOLL!!!! Her name is Mariah!

  2. ashley replied:

    i have that same doll her name is amber

  3. hannah replied:

    i love the american girls!if only i knew please please please send a reply and get back to me.i know we would be the best of i will give u my nam e and email address!!! my email address is and my name is hannah byrd so madison pettis please get back to me!!! YOUR BIGGEST FAN HAANAH BYRD LOVE U LOTS!!!

    • ian replied:

      I met her! She’s awesome.

  4. Lauren replied:

    I’ve got the same doll as her to! Her name is Madison! OMG!

  5. zolee g replied:

    hey everyone it’s tanisha on cory in the house…! I no Madison and he has no myspace and I was at her party it as really cool! I will not give u her email but I will tell her u said hi! I’ll check up on here normally 2 keep u posted!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ bye

  6. Lauren replied:

    Yeah right your not Tanisha!

  7. Hannah replied:

    I think her doll is goofy looking!

  8. shaya replied:

    you are a famous little girl that is so cute!!!!

  9. lisa replied:

    Hi Madison.
    This is lisa. I Email you one, you gave me your Email but I want it again and I want your msn if you have one.

    • Kayla replied:

      what is her email(that she will reply to)lisa?please tell me i’m really nice

  10. trevor replied:

    what is madison pettis Address?

  11. Sarah replied:

    I love AG and was pretty sure that was an American Girl on that episode I saw a couple months going back! AG is so cool and would love to go to the American Girl Place!

  12. syd replied:

    im confused is madison pettis the one who MADISON PETTIS : BIRTHDAY AT AMERICAN GIRL yes or no please write back ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. sophia replied:

    hellow do u get to keep the doll after the party

  14. Raimy replied:

    I saw a episode of “Who Let the Dolls Out” and she has a doll in that episode too and in “Presidential Seal” too also in an episode with “Hannah Montana”.
    PS you have a good eye

  15. callindy replied:

    nice dolls love it

  16. calisto replied:

    please write me back on

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