Kailey Hopkins, Her Life, Her Time

Kailey Hopkins is a ten year old water girl, in the sense that she loves to go boogie boarding in the salty ocean more than anything in the world.

Very soon the trouble starts with a development that wants to destroy her beach and Kailey has to use courage she never knew she had to save the thing that she loves most.

Kailey was introduced in the summer of 2003 the next year in July she was retired with the exception of her book.

Photo courtesy of American girl collecting.


September 8, 2007. American Girl of the Year, History of the dolls, Retired items.


  1. maura replied:

    shes really pretty

  2. rachel replied:

    i have this doll she is was my frist ameican girl doll ever

  3. betty replied:

    i want this doll!

  4. charlotte replied:

    this was my first doll ever she’s absolutly beautiful i got her when i was 4!

  5. Kailey replied:

    Hey I can’t believe this but this doll is EXACTLY me blonde hair long too brown eyes and her name is spelled exactly like mine!!!! OMG!!!!

  6. Myra replied:

    I just got this doll yesterday !!!!!!!!!
    she so cute!!

  7. Alley replied:

    This doll is so pretty and i want her and i have a doll like her but with blue eyes

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