Ruthie Smithens

Really Truly RuthieRuthie Smithens, Kit’s best friend, will have a book released in June. Her book is titled Really Truly Ruthie. The blurb is below. Enjoy reading it! 

Ruthie Smithens, a girl who believes in fairy tales and happy endings, would do almost anything to help her best friend, Kit Kittredge, whose family has been hard hit by the Depression. But Ruthie has learned the hard way that offers of help, even between friends, are tricky. When Ruthie finds out some bad news about the Kittredges’ house while at her father’s bank, she has to find a way to help the Kittredges’ reach Kit’s Aunt Millie, so that there can be at least the chance of a happy ending!  

Book and blurb from Doll Diaries 



January 4, 2008. Cool Things To Know, Information, News Just In.


  1. Diana replied:

    i love kit!! and i cant believe ruthie is going to be out soon! i knew when i first read kits book that ruthie was going to be out soon! i cant wait my mom already said i can get her

  2. american girl hater replied:

    i hate american girls.
    too expensive!

  3. Jane replied:

    I really like them. I think American girl dolls are great. Do you only dislike them because of their price?

  4. S.C replied:

    I like AG Dolls but they are a little expencivem but they are well worth it!

  5. Megan replied:

    I love American girl dolls!I have one!I have Samantha,the girl from 1904.I love Kit and i have already read all of the books.American girls are so cool because they are fun and eduacational and historical all at the same time.I am happy they are making ruthie.I am going to the american girl store i May,so i might get ruthie!

  6. Megan replied:

    i meant i am going to the store in May!

  7. Chody replied:

    I just luv american girl dolls!!! they r just the best dolls eva! thats y Ihav 15 of them!!!! I already hav kit so I’m just waiting 4 “Ruthie Smithens”…besides my mom already said I can get her…isnt it great?

  8. Julia replied:

    Wow! Fifteen dolls are a lot to handle! My mom would never let me get that many!

  9. Megan replied:

    I am hoping I can collect all of the dolls(historical wise).I have Samantha and I am getting a doll tomorrow because I am going to American Girl Place.

  10. caty replied:

    I LOVE kit!!!!!! I’m getting her for my birthday and I’m trying to convence my mom to get ruthie for kit to have a friend

  11. caty replied:

    i hav 16 american girl dolls and they keep growing! who has more than me?

  12. Jordan replied:

    Wow, not I! I have 2, soon to be 3! 🙂

  13. Julia replied:

    Which dolls do you have, Jordan?

  14. AG Fan replied:

    I have 2 dolls,Samantha and Elizabeth.I love the dress Elizabeth comes in.I put samantha’s dress on Elizabeth and it looked…….interesting.

  15. Caroline replied:

    Yeah, I have Kit and Molly but I so want Ruthie. I’ve actually seen a photo of her doll. She’s gorgeous!!!!! My mom said I could have her if I made all A’s on my report card. I can’t wait for the movi and Ruthie.

  16. Caroline replied:

    Kit was my first AG doll and she’s my favorite, but I can’t wait ny longer to get Ruthie. My mom told me Ruthie was a done deal!

  17. american girl hater replied:


  18. rachel replied:

    hi i love your website

  19. American Girl Dolls For Cheap replied:

    We love American Girl dolls and books. We’ve been collecting them for years. My girls grew up with them. Now one of my girls has graduated college and the other is still in college. We all still love them.

    We love your blog, too. 🙂

    Alicia Smith

  20. ireland replied:

    I love american girl dolls yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!They are awsome.

  21. sophie zepeda replied:

    hey chody! I have ruthie smithens. i want kit. ruthie is sitting right next 2 me luv you comment! but as for AG hater at least try an american girl.youl nevr know.

  22. sophie zepeda replied:

    If ruthie,kit, and kaya were still kids I would totally want to get together and become BFF.betwenn me and all american girl fans I talk to ruthie every day because she is totally AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LONG LIVE AMERICAN GIRLS!

  23. haley larson replied:

    Hey sophie! I have kit. and I realy want elizebeth. I also have a doll that looks like me and i chose it at the AG store.

  24. Abbey replied:

    Hey Doll Hater, OMG! If you hate dolls, why the heck r u on here?!B.T.W.(by the way)They range from 90 to 95 dollars. And if they were 60 that would be silly!


  25. Hayley replied:

    I keep coming to the identical blog!!!@!!!!!3$$%%#%^^&&%
    SHES GOURGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. megan wood replied:

    i love ruthie sooooooooooooooo much.i also have kit, julie and mia.

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