Behind The Scenes: The Making of Julie

Making a doll takes a lot of work. You have to decide what clothes they wear, what hairstyle they will have and you have to decide on their life. In this post, you will learn the steps American Girl went through to make the latest doll, Julie. American Girl had many possibilities for Julie’s clothing, since she is from the 70’s. Before making the real clothing, experts draw out basic pieces that a real girl from the 70’s would wear. They sketch out several outfits that are almost the same using the same pattern, and see which one fits the doll the best. For the hairstyles, American girl, once again had many choices. They started out with a simple braid, one on each side, which you’ll see at the bottom of this page. Next, they tried her hair down, with two strands of hair pulled back, which became closer to the hairstyle that we see Julie in today. Finally, American Girl all decided Julie’s hair down with a little braid in the front. This is the hairstyle we all know and love. As you can see, making a doll is not easy, for those of you who thought it was. Keep in mind, American Girl has to make millions of these dolls, not just one. All of this information applies for any doll; every doll has lot of work put into it. 




Which one’s your favorite? In my opinion, I like the one they came out with.
I took all these pictures on my camera from the Oprah Winfrey Show.


February 22, 2008. Behind The Scenes.


  1. american girl lover #1 replied:

    omg i love chrissa

  2. nicole replied:

    i whont to aditin for the role julie but i dont know where or when it is?:)

  3. nicole replied:

    i whont to adiation
    for the role julie but i dont know where or when it is?:)

  4. Mackenzie replied:

    I like the 2nd one:) Also when and were are the audditions???

  5. darienne replied:

    Ya where and when are the auditions gonna be? I want to try out for ivy and my friend wants to try for julie although i doubt we’d get it but it would be fun……….

  6. caitlin replied:

    i like the two braids i have julie and emily.

  7. Bethany replied:

    I like the single braid the best. It is sooo cute! I have Molly, Kirsten, and Emily Bennet. I used to have the girl of the year Kaylie but I have her away. And I want to audition for Julie’s movie too.

  8. Bethany replied:

    and they won’t let you audition for Julie or Ivy at the AG auditions. They are only for Joy Jenner or the Water Fountain girls. Sorry! 😦

  9. amanda replied:

    i really want to audition for Julie and Ivy s movie so bad i hope the people at american girl place pick me for the part for Ivy and Julie if i audition i will be so popular at school and Carlos the kid at my school would ask me out and Mr. Rob will tell everybody in the classrooms and staff that i am most favorite kid in the world !!!!!

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