Behind The Scenes: The Making of the Cover of Good Luck, Ivy!

Once again, all this information can apply to any book at all, but in Oprah’s show, they used the book, Good Luck, Ivy! American Girl puts a lot of work into a cover, even though we all know to never judge a book by its cover. First, American Girl hires girls to model out the book cover. They take loads of pictures, so it will be easier for the artist. The next step is when the artist produces a sketch. Finally, the artist makes an oil painting and that becomes the cover of the book. What hard work! Now we know why it takes a long time for a book to come out!


Hired Models


The Sketch of the Cover


Final Cover


Draft of the Story

Once again, these photos were taken by me from the Oprah Winfrey Show.


February 22, 2008. Behind The Scenes, Information.

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  1. sylvierosen replied:

    Clue #12: A girl who was inspired by Helen Keller

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