Chrissa Has TWO Best Friends

Gwen, Chrissa, and Sonali

From left to right: Gwen, Chrissa, and Sonali

Chrissa, GOTY 2009, was rumored to have two best friends. Now, sources are saying that this rumor is true. Chrissa will have two best friends: Gwen and Sonali. Gwen is the blonde haired doll, Sonali the dark haired doll. This will be the first doll that has two best friends, and the first GOTY that has a best friend doll.

Some of Chrissa's outfits include swim gear, a sundress, and a warmup set

Some of Chrissa's outfits include swim gear, a sundress, and a warmup set

Also, Chrissa’s outfits were shown in an AG catalog. Is it me, or does her hair look darker in the pictures? It’s surprising that American Girl would show things they haven’t released yet for all of the world to see. Maybe they want people to get excited and want to buy Chrissa’s new things. Who knows?

Another thing, here is the link to the preview for Chrissa’s movie.

Thanks to Doll Diaries for all the nice pictures.


December 30, 2008. American Girl of the Year.


  1. Pyton replied:

    Hey, Love your blog. Chrissa’s hair is medium brown these photos are just dark. It it wierd that Chrissa, Sonali, and Gwen have not assesories. Gwen and Sonali do not have any outfits either, they will prolly get some in like May or June becuase right now is Chrissa’s time.

  2. Sonali replied:

    Cool! Thanks for the pics, I’m probably getting Sonali-doll for my birthday!

    Did you know, also, that Kit is getting a playsuit and the red-trim dress she wore in the movie? Chrissa is getting a picnic table, party treats, and a sewing set with knitting and drawing supplies and a sewing machine and a really pretty wooden table. 🙂

    I’m so excited about ALL the new stuff!

  3. Pyton replied:

    Yeah i did no that, i got it off of AGPLAYTHINGS…r u on it?

  4. Mackenzie replied:

    I hope to get chrissa for Christmas or my birthday next year. I want her because we are exactly a like.

  5. Someone replied:

    I really like Gwen. I mean, her outfit is so cute and the doll is gorgeous. But I wish that Gwen had a book of her own, and some special outfits and accesories.
    The collection seems sorta bland. Do you agree?

  6. Vendela replied:

    OMG!! My best friend looks just like Chrissa..!:P Pretty funny..;) I’m from sweden.. I’m serius, I can whrite this whole messege in swedish

    Here it is:

    OMG!! min bästa vän ser precis ut som chrissa..!:P Ganska roligt..;) Jag är från sevrige.. Jag är seriös, jag kan skriva hela meddelandet på svenska

    här är det:

    That’s swedish! 😀

    BTW: I looove the blog 🙂

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