The Runaway Friend: A Kirsten Mystery


As all of you probably know three new American girl mysteries came out in March. I have read The Runaway Friend, and want to give my opinions on it.

The plot of the book is as follows,

Kirsten Larson has just moved to Minnesota and is making friends. Her family is just getting settled. It is right before the harvest and Kirsten’s father and uncle have hired Erik Sandahl to help bring the wheat in. Suddenly Erik dissapears… This is not good for two reasons. One Erik owes Uncle Olav (Kirsten’s uncle) money, and two he has to help with the harvest before it rains and all the wheat is ruined.

In my opinion this book had a great plot and is fun to read. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mysteries or is fond of Kirsten.

Photo courtesy of americangirl.


January 2, 2009. Book Reviews, Information.


  1. Someone replied:

    It’s a good book.
    I love kirsten! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. "Marcia" replied:

    Yes that is a very exciting book. I always love the mysteries! have you heard about the new mysteries? the Cry of the Loon, The tangled web, Lady Margaret’s Ghost, and A clue in the shadows (I think that’s what Molly’s book is called…) ?

  3. CaraJH=) replied:

    Hey I Am The Girl On This Book,
    I Play Kirsten And Felicity In Traitor In Williamsburg And The Runaway Friend.
    I Am Only 12 And I Live In England The Illustrator Lives Near Me And Wanted To Use Me As A Model For His Books. Pretty Sraight Farward! I Love Doing This But All My Friends Dont Believe Me!! I Bring In The Books I Am In And The Pictures Then They All Finally Believed Me Huray!! I Dont Really Know Much About These Books …Are They A Big And Popular Or Are They Not So Popular? I Dont Know
    Well I Will Leave It There And Also Ther Is A New Book Coming Out Soon I Think So We Will See!. XCara H England

  4. jasmine karijda replied:

    this is a boaring book i cant get to chapter 2

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