I Need YOUR Help!!!

Hi, it’s Julia here. I just wanted to say a big THANKS to everyone who has continued to stay on this blog. You guys are AWESOME and soooooo loyal!!!! Now, I don’t do this often but I have a favor to ask of ALL OF YOU. I know this is our first post in, what, over a year maybe? But I’m breaking that chain with this post. 🙂 Were any of you ever on the American Girl Club maybe 4 or 5 years ago? Well when they closed that club, it broke my heart. I had made so many friends just to lose them. If any of you were there when that happened, you know exactly how I feel. (Or maybe not XD) What I feel even worse about is that my mom got on the club and talked to 2 of the girls’ moms. We got their emails and we kept in touch… for some time. We lost touch after that and now I feel really bad. All I’m saying is if that club is back, MAYBE there’s a chance they’ll join again and we’ll find each other. You never know. One girl on there was my “twin” and we looked exactly alike and we talked a lot. Now it makes me feel really guilty that I lost touch with her.

OK, now to the point! Maybe if we get enough people rounded up here, we can convince American Girl to put a club back up on their website. I don’t know about you, but I would pay anything to get back on there and talk to some girls. So, if you sign below, and we get enough people, I can send this to American Girl and see what they say. Sign your name below like this:

1. Julia


May 15, 2010. American girl experiences, Cool Things To Know, Information.


  1. olivia replied:

    2. Olivia

  2. may replied:


  3. carla replied:

    4. Carla

  4. meg replied:


  5. may replied:

    may replied:


    May 22, 2010 at 2:37 am. Permalink.

    sorry i did not see that olivia posted so i mean
    3. may

  6. Sofie replied:


  7. Hannah replied:

    7. Hannah

  8. roziela replied:

    well have any of you wanted to know why it shut down ?
    mabe ag did it cause they just couldent keep it i dont realy know y they did but ill find out for u

  9. Rabi replied:

    & what happen ??

  10. Sarah replied:


  11. Lily replied:

    11. Lily

  12. Bella replied:


  13. Jenna replied:


  14. Eden replied:

    14. Eden

    American Girl club must come back!

  15. Ellen replied:

    eh….never heard of it

  16. Ellen replied:

    buttttt it must be nice!

  17. Gwyn replied:

    American Girl Club has gotta come or I`ll die

  18. Emma replied:

    15. Emma

  19. Natalia replied:

    16. Natalia!

  20. Audrey replied:


  21. Mackenzie replied:

    I have always wanted to join that club, but I didn’t 😦
    So you can count me in;D 18) Mackenzie

  22. 18. Brooke replied:

    i love this plan my friend told me all about it but when
    i went on it was gone so i like this a idea!

  23. 18. Brooke replied:

    i love this plan the website must be GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. brooke replied:

    opps i exadentily did it twice

  25. Maeve replied:

    .19 Maeve.

    I loved ag club!!!!! I want it to come back soooooooo bad!!!!!!!!

  26. Beththebrave replied:

    19. Beth

  27. Beththebrave replied:

    Wait, sorry, it’s 20.

  28. KnitsForKids replied:

    Hello everybody! I have a little store (http://www.knitsforkids.etsy.com) where I make clothes and accessories, e.g. I hand knit and crochet flip flops for the American Girl doll. Please come and check it out…

  29. ILoveLucyLover replied:

    I was never on it but I Still really wanted to so here it goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  30. Hannah replied:

    I say no! Julia, you said you would pay anything to go on again. It’s pathetic that the youth of America are getting so attached to and dependent on imaginery worlds when they have the real world all around them! You don’t have to feel guilty about leaving on-line friends years ago when there was nothing you could do about it! Go make real-life friends! We have e-books, i-pods, on-line pets to take care of, the army is soon to use robot soldiers! Should we live in on-line worlds too?

  31. Nat the bratwhop knows where its at this will be this and that will be that replied:


  32. jolie replied:

    22 jolie

  33. cree replied:

    23 cree

  34. fatty patty replied:

    24 patty

  35. jemmy emmy replied:

    25 Emmy

  36. jennifer replied:

    26 jennifer

  37. Amy replied:

    im a mother of three they all loved the american girl club it was a way to make new friends and not just have the same friends it was to make more friends. it made my girls feel more confident that every were they go they will have friends. SO hannah you need to be QUIET american girl is a true inperation so SHUT UP you IDOT!! 😦

  38. Amy replied:

    that was supposed to look angrey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. katie replied:

    katie. and people should not be so mean. if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anthing at all.

  40. Hannie replied:

    They have Innnerstar U, Julia. Check it out!!!

  41. Hannie replied:

    Oh and..

    27. Hannie!

  42. Lanie Ashley Holland replied:

    28:Lanie Ashley…btw,Hannah:Be quiet,nobody wants your opinion

  43. Raquel replied:


  44. Emily M. replied:

    (31) Emily

    Someone did 21 twince so i put 31.

  45. PhineasandFerb12 replied:

    There’s Innerstar U…

  46. Kim replied:

    32. Kim. I loved the AG club. Now, if they do restart it, they should not delete the members they had when they closed it down!

  47. Michelle replied:

    33. Michelle

  48. Kanani replied:

    34. Absolutely, let’s encourage them to re-start the AG club.

  49. Reese replied:

    2 Reese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Reese replied:

    2 Reese

  51. Amy99 replied:

    Oneday i was watching the bonus features on Felicity and saw the AG club. It looked sooooooooo cool!!! But when I found out it closed down i was so sad. I’m in!!!


  52. McKenzie replied:

    52. McKenzie

  53. ash replied:

    53. Ashley

  54. Ron replied:


  55. Erica replied:

    54. Erica

  56. Charlotte replied:


  57. alina replied:


  58. Amelia Rose replied:

    56. Amelia

  59. prock02 replied:


  60. Mckenna replied:


  61. Jade replied:


  62. Kellie replied:

    59. Kellie

  63. charislynne replied:

    60. Charis

  64. Mac replied:

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    powers. Once this happens, they may be inclined to contact you
    or build a relationship by commenting on your blog posts.

  65. Sydney Tinkerbella replied:

    61. Sydney
    62. Madison
    63. Ivy
    64. Nicki
    65. Chrissa
    66: Julie
    67: Lanie
    68: Kit
    69: Ruthie
    70: Kanani
    71: Caroline
    72: Sierra
    73: Sydney
    74: Saige
    75: Isabelle
    76: Maddie
    77: Izzy
    Count me, my BFF and our 15 American Girls in!

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